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Our care for the planet motivates us to work for a sustainable future.

Taiwan thermoforming plastic sheet manufacturer - Marathon Enterprises Co., Ltd., founded in November 2006, was initially established in Tucheng District, New Taipei City. The factory specializes in the production of plastic extrusive sheets, in which its main products include: Plastic Packaging Vacuum Forming Processing, HIPS Sheets / PP Sheets / HDPE Sheets / LDPE Sheets / ABS Sheets Sheets for Plastics Package. With many years of experience in the production and development of plastic materials, our main products are used for many industries, such as food packaging, electronics packaging, cosmetics packaging, hardware packaging, medical packaging, stationery and other fields. Marathon accept client requests for customized production as well as joint research and development for special new products.

With the spirit of reliable service, quality first, and innovation for the better, and the vision of implementing sustainable development, we purchased a plant located in Guishan Village, Taoyuan County in 2013, hoping to serve more customer groups.

Services of Marathon Vacuum Forming Company Include:

  • Plastic Vacuum Forming Processing / Plastic Vacuum Former Sheets
  • Sales of Plastic Raw Materials
  • Plastic Sheets Manufacturer
  • Thermoform Processing / Slitting Processing / Punching Processing / OEM / ODM
  • Plastic Vacuum Forming Processing for Food Container
    Plastic Vacuum Forming Processing for Plastic Blister
    Plastic Vacuum Forming Processing for Plastic Medical Package
    Plastic Vacuum Forming Processing for Tooling Packaging
    Plastic Vacuum Forming Processing for Industry Packaging
    Plastic Vacuum Forming Processing for Plastic Package Customized
  • Plastic Sheets Vacuum Forming Processing

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  • Plastic Sheets Slitting & Punching Type Processing

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  • Plastic Sheets Manufacturer