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Custom Vacuum Forming Plastic Process

Features of Vacuum Forming Services:

Marathon Enterprise Co., Ltd. is reckoned as one of the main vacuum forming plastic companies. We are a technology driven company and as a result, we utilize the latest technology in the industry and use modern production techniques in the making of our vacuum forming plastic sheets.

Although the vacuum forming plastic packaging is simple, it creates more value for the product. So, please choose us to be your plastic vacuum forming service supplier. We can provide you with custom vacuum forming services, reasonable and low unit price, and delivery quickly. Marathon is able to offer various types of packaging such as vacuum forming blister, bi-fold clamshell, plastic tray, edge fold packaging, insert blister, flocking blister, high frequency blister, ultrasonic plastic boxes, handmade clear box, and industrial package. To get the best vacuum forming plastic sheets or any packaging solutions, please come and visit our website. If you have any questions, welcome to contact us by e-mail: sales@pp-sheets.com.tw

Range of Contracted Production

  • Food Packaging: New Year gift box ( plastic tray), Mid-Autumn Festival gift box (plastic tray), wine box (plastic tray), icebox, dumpling box, jelly dessert box, lunch box, pudding box, dumpling box, platters box, sushi box, fruit plate, beverage cup body, cup lid, cake box, dessert box, egg container, strawberry box, blueberry box, and other food containers.
  • Electronics Blister Pack: electronic folding box, electronic plastic blister, IC carrier tape (black), optoelectronic products protective plastic blister, discount store’s small object hang tags, communication products, electronic product packaging (sealed opening), standing/ hanging dual-purpose triple folding transparent box.
  • Hardware Packaging: hardware tools (card cover), plastic washer, hardware nail carrier belt, folding transparent cover, sealing mask, folding box
  • Medical Packaging: ear thermometer set, urine cup (white), 3M tape (blue), stethoscope plastic tray, otoscope plastic tray, test tube collection rack, hospital head wash/drain pan
  • Cosmetics Packaging: cosmetics blister packs, rigid box, eyebrow pencil box, makeup bottle plastic blister
  • Leisure Industry Packaging: advertising POP billboard, cartoon calendar, communication product, sports equipment, NB packaging materials, toy car shell, bicycle helmet, sports equipment shell, car trunk compartment
  • Stationery: twill stationery box, folder, file folder, stationery set box, color pen set box
  • Seedling Plastic Tray: seedling tray, flower tray

Product Application Industries:

Food packaging, electronics packaging, hardware packaging, medical packaging, cosmetics packaging, leisure industry packaging, stationery, seedling packaging.
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