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Sheet Production

(Resistant Grade) Polystyrene Sheets (HIPS Plastic Sheets)

Features of HIPS Plastic Sheet

Good rigidity, good drug resistance, good water resistance, good dyeability, good moldability, and temperature resistance of 70 °C.Specific gravity: 1.05


  • Thickness: 0.23mm~2.2mm
  • Width: 50cm~100cm

Description of HIPS Plastic Sheet Use

Insulation materials, signboards, sanitary and building materials, food containers, daily necessities (combs, toothbrushes, ball pens), toys, medical supplies, electronic products, gift boxes.

HIPS Sheets Manufacturers

High impact polystyrene has advantaged of well-dyeability and well-moldability. It is the most common thermoplastic for making daily necessities. Daily necessities made of HIPS plastic sheets often appear in our lives, such as combs, toothbrushes, ball pens, gift boxes, etc. Also, HIPS plastics can be vacuum formed into food containers and medical supplies. If you need HIPS plastic sheets or products of HIPS vacuum forming, feel free to contact experienced HIPS sheets manufacturers Marathon.